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Bees, bees, bees…

I’ve spent the weekend clearing the miles of mypex laid across the site inbetween rows of strawberry plants.  I’m going to re-use as much of the mypex as possible, but lifting it by hand and removing all of the plastic pegs that are used to secure it is very time consuming.


The strawberries are starting to colour up nicely, so we’ll wait and harvest as much as we can before getting someone in to plough the field.

The raspberry canes at the west end of the site were humming with bees all day.  It was fascinating to sit a watch them at work – and what a variety of different species I saw!  I don’t know enough about bee species, and this is something I definately want to learn more about.  I have three functioning bee hives on site which are looked after by my landlord, and I’m looking forward to some honey in a few weeks!




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